Horny Twilight x Grumpy Twilight

Two Twilights went a-reading on a Sunday afternoon, but one of them found it very hard to concentrate.

After pouring through anatomical atlases, she got herself all worked up and her thoughts wandered to her proclivities.

She knew she liked mares ever since she read some of the juicier passages in the Princess's diary, but it was all theoretical; she's never even seen a vagina up close, except for these tightly crosshatched copperplate prints and her own in a mirror once. (She's seen vulvas, vaginas are specifically the internal part, as the anatomy textbook sprawled out before her would remind her.)

Her cheeks was getting noticeably warmer as her thoughts wandered. She glanced over to herself at the other end of the bookshelf, fully engrossed in a geographic survey of the Badlands. This Twilight snorted to herself, as if she was trying to blow away the first Twilight's intrusive gaze.

“Say,” the horny Twilight said to the grumpy Twilight. “You are me, right?”


“So your thoughts are the same, right?”


“I mean, not the same-same, chaos theory being what it is, very few of our thoughts would actually be identical, but we have the POTENTIAL of thinking the same thoughts, right? If I want something, there's an overwhelming chance you'd want it too, you just haven't thought about it yet...”

“What is it?” Grumpy Twilight sighed, but didn't lift her nose up from the book. “I'm kinda busy right now.”

Horny Twilight's cheeks flushed bright red as she studied her counterpart, lying belly-down on the floor with a huge tome leaning on a pile of books, like she herself had done many times before.

“So, er, I got a bit... er, distracted studying anatomy and I was wondering how it would feel like, licking my own...” her speech was cut short by Grumpy Twilight nonchalantly swinging her tail aside, and spreading her legs to expose her sex.

“Go right ahead,” Grumpy Twilight said into her book. “Just don't interrupt me while I'm reading.”

“Meep!” Horny Twilight made a small rubber-ducky sound as a smile edged its way past her cheekbones. She inched closer, careful like a fox stalking a hen, until her face hovered over her counterpart's cunt. She paused to admire it. It wasn't the same as looking in the mirror at all; knowing it was really there made all the difference.

“A-are you gonna do something?” Grumpy Twilight asked impatiently.

“I'm just admiring it,” Horny Twilight said. “You have such pretty folds...”

“They are the same as yours, they are not special,” Grumpy Twilight said through a scrunched muzzle.

“...and such a gorgeously pink labia minora...”

“Just stop talking and FUCK me already!”

Grumpy Twilight couldn't hide her heavy breaths. Horny Twilight smiled devilishly.

“Yes your highness!” she responded with a perky chirp.

“...and don't call me... AAAH!”

Horny Twilight put her tongue to good use: she tested the waters with a careful lick and when she learned that her test subject was already dripping wet and ready, she sent her tongue exploring every crevice and fold, marveling at how much softer and more alive they felt compared to the sterile black-and-white crosshatchings In her textbook.

Grumpy Twilight moaned into her book. Any attempt to remain stoic had been thwarted by Twilight's curious tongue. Her mirror-twin seemed to know exactly where she wanted to be simulated next and she was completely at her mercy.

“Keep going!” she demanded. “Don't stop, I'm so close, don't...” Twilight trailed off. Before she could even finish the sentence, she was already halfway into the best orgasm of her life. When she finally came to her senses again, she noticed she had drooled into her book and messed up the pages.

“Sigh, you interrupted my reading after all...” she muttered to herself.